Gasunie Transports Record Volume of Gas to UK

Gasunie Transports Record Volume of Gas to UK

Record volume (38 million m3) of natural gas was transported from abroad via the border point Oude Statenzijl into the GTS network. That is almost 50% more than the previous record volume registered in April 2008.

Oude Statenzijl is one of the Dutch-German border points connecting, inter alia, the two national network operators Gasunie Deutschland and Gasunie Transport Services (GTS), both subsidiaries of Gasunie. Most of this gas makes its way to the UK through GTS’s Dutch network via the BBL pipeline between the Netherlands and England and routes through Belgium.

As Gasunie’s infrastructure has sufficient capacity and is well connected to international gas flows, Gasunie can make an important contribution towards the security of supply in Great Britain. Gas demand in England is currently high as it is being affected by a period of cold weather. Domestic supplies in Britain are slowly declining meaning that the country needs increasing imports of gas in order to meet its own energy requirements.

Annie Krist, CEO of national network operator GTS: “We’re seeing foreign gas flows moving through the Dutch network more and more frequently. This proves that the Netherlands has become a genuine hub. We’re now reaping the benefit of the international connections that we’ve built up over the last few years in the Netherlands. We have access to supplies as well as the means to transport them.”

LNG World News Staff, December 13, 2012