Photo: Courtesy of Sonomatic

Geo Oceans, Sonomatic launch subsea pipeline cleaning system

Geo Oceans and Sonomatic have developed an integrated subsea pipeline cleaning and scanning system built into small remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for asset or vessel deployment.

The companies designed and developed the system in early 2021 and deployed it into the field in July.

According to Geo Oceans, the system was used to complete nine subsea pipeline scan locations in 80-metre water depths from a client’s supply boat.

Source: Geo Oceans

As the developers explained, the system is attached to pipelines with a concrete weight coat.

It cleans circumferentially and axially before performing accurate wall thickness mapping scans.

The tool uses UT and DRS, including through coatings such as 3LPP and Field Joint Coatings, and has the ability to perform weld inspection using TOFD or Phased Array.