German Naval Yards

German Naval Yards: First ship to be sustainably recycled in Kiel

In cooperation with recycling centre Leviathan GmbH, shipyard German Naval Yards has welcomed the first ship that is to be recycled 100% sustainably for the first time.

German Naval Yards
German Naval Yards
Photo: German Naval Yards

Parts of the ship will be transformed into works of art.

In times of sustainability and increased environmental awareness, Leviathan from Cuxhaven has developed a process for green & emission-free ship recycling.

Together with the shipyard in Kiel, the sustainable recycling process will now be applied for the first time on a 41-metre-long landing boat.

The pilot project will start on 20 June and is expected to be completed within six weeks, by the end of July.

After a successful trial, approval in accordance with the EU Ship Recycling Regulation will be applied.

“For German Naval Yards, which traditionally builds and converts vessels, environmentally friendly recycling is a welcome new challenge that we gladly embrace,” Sofien Lamiri, Chief Operating Officer at the shipyard, said.

“We are happy to have found a competent partner in German Naval Yards to start our first pilot project together. The experience and infrastructure of this traditional shipyard are a guarantee for the successful completion of this project and at the same time will pave the way for further larger projects,” Karsten Schumacher, Managing Partner at Leviathan, said.

The project partners offer artists the opportunity to reuse parts and materials of the vessel to further process them or to convert them into works of art.

The maritime industry has come under mounting pressure from various stakeholders to ensure vessels are recycled in a safe and responsible manner. Apart from the EU Ship Recycling Regulation, the Hong Kong Convention also addresses all the issues around ship recycling on a global level.