Germans favor Russian gas over US LNG, poll shows

The majority of German respondents have rejected the expansion of economic sanctions against Russia planned by the United States, a survey reveals. 

Conducted by forsa on behalf of Wintershall, the survey reveals that 50 percent of the surveyed citizens encourage diversification of supply, however, only 6 percent would welcome imports of US liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Among 1000 German citizens interviewed by the opinion research institute, 83 percent were against increased economic sanctions against Russia, which would restrict activities of German and European companies.

Some 77 percent think the United States is pursuing expanded sanctions, mainly because of its economic interests.

German and Austrian political leaders have already criticized the planned sanctions against Russia, with 86 percent of the surveyed citizens showing support, with 7 percent saying the criticism is exaggerated.

The majority of German citizens surveyed have put the affordability and reliability of natural gas supply as the top priority with the diversification of supply channels into Europe following in second place.

Norway is considered as the most reliable partner for offsetting the decline in natural gas production in Europe, followed by Canada and Russia.

In comparison, the United States lost their share as only 13 percent of the German citizens consider it to be the reliable energy supply source, compared to 50 percent of German citizens surveyed in November 2013.