Photo: Image courtesy of John Cortes (@cortes_john)

Gibraltar tests unloading procedures at its small-scale LNG facility

The small-scale LNG import and regasification facility in Gibraltar made a step forward with the unloading procedures test completed on Thursday. 

A statement by the Gibraltar ministry of education, heritage, environment, energy and climate change notes that the LNG carrier Coral Methane “rehearsed its berthing procedures at the new terminal at the end of the North Mole.”

The staff was also able to test the facility’s loading arm and safety systems the statement reads.

John Cortes, Gibraltar’s minister for environment, energy and climate change said, “Last night gave us the chance to take on some gas, thus testing our unloading systems and procedures in the most realistic manner possible and I am delighted to say that everything went extremely smoothly.”

He added that over the weeks ahead, tests will continue. In a brief statement through his social media channels Cortes added that commissioning of gas generators at the power station are to follow soon.

To remind, Shell is developing Gibraltar’s small-scale LNG facility under a contract signed with the government in 2016.

The facility has five storage tanks with a total capacity of 5000 cubic meters and a jetty for small-scale LNG carriers, with potential for LNG bunkering operations at the facility in the future.

The regasification unit will be operated by Shell’s unit Gasnor.