Photo: Greenfield Global

Greenfield Global joins Methanol Institute

Canadian biofuel producer and provider Greenfield Global has become the newest member of the Methanol Institute (MI).

The institute is a community dedicated to knowledge sharing and experience building in the use of methanol as a safe, future-proof fuel. The association’s newest member company specializes in the production of biofuels from raw materials.

“Greenfield Global’s expertise in innovation and low-carbon fuel production spans decades. MI is delighted to welcome Greenfield as our newest member and have them join our ranks of companies committed to providing low-carbon fuels,” MI CEO Gregory Dolan stated.

This June, Greenfield Global signed a cooperation and development agreement with the Port of Montreal to develop and commercialize green hydrogen and green methanol solutions for the maritime industry. 

The parties signed the deal with the aim to identify, conceive and implement innovative green energy solutions, among which green hydrogen, ethanol, and methanol are at the forefront. A working committee has been set up to oversee the development and implementation of these new energy solutions.

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To push up its green solution effort, the Ontario-based firm also started working Hydro Quebec to develop an e-methanol project adjacent to its ethanol plant in Varennes, Quebec.

The initial phase of this project will include a 60MW electrolysis unit for the production of hydrogen. Hydrogen output from the electrolyzer, along with biogenic CO2 from the ethanol plant will be fed to a methanol synthesis unit to produce approximately 48,000 tonnes of low-carbon methanol annually, according to the company.

“Greenfield is committed to the production of low-carbon advanced biofuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and plans to play an important role in helping the maritime transportation industry reach its sustainability goals,” Greenfield CEO Howard Field concluded.