Grimaldi’s 2nd CO2-slashing multipurpose vessel delivered

The Grimaldi Group has taken delivery of its second con-ro multipurpose ship of the G5 class named the Great Lagos.

Emanuele Grimaldi; Image credit: Grimaldi

The G5-class vessel was built by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co. Ltd. in Ulsan, South Korea. It is able to transport 4,700 linear metres of rolling freight, 2,500 Car Equivalent Units (CEU) and 2,000 TEU.

The G5 vessel class is the evolution of the G4 ro-ro multipurpose vessels built by the same shipyard and delivered to the Grimaldi Group in 2014 and 2015.

Compared to the previous G4-class, the new vessels have the same capacity for rolling freight while their container capacity is double, Grimaldi said.

With a length of 250 metres, a beam of 38 metres and a deadweight of 45,684 tonnes, the design of the Great Lagos incorporates numerous technological solutions aimed at increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Specifically, both the main engine and the auxiliary diesel generators will meet the NOx levels imposed by the Tier III regulation. At the same time, the integrated propulsion system between the rudder and propeller will minimize vortex losses and, consequently, optimize propulsive efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

The vessel is designed for cold ironing with the shoreside supply of electricity as a green alternative to the consumption of fossil fuels during port stays. Furthermore, the electrical consumption of on-board machinery (pumps, fans, etc.) is reduced thanks to the installation of variable frequency drive devices, while the application of low friction paints reduces hull resistance, thus increasing efficiency.

The ship is equipped with hybrid exhaust gas cleaning systems for the abatement of sulphur and particulate emissions.

According to Grimaldi, all of these solutions enable Great Lagos to cut CO2 emissions by up to 43% per tonne transported compared to other Grimaldi con-ro multipurpose ships.

Starting in late September, the new vessel will be deployed on Grimaldi Group’s service between Northern Europe and West Africa. The other four G5-class units, set to be delivered between 2023 and 2024, will also operate on the same routes.

The first vessel from the series, the Great Antwerp, was delivered in April 2023. The Great Antwerp was the first of the six multipurpose ro-ro units commissioned from the Korean company just over two years ago.

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Our G5-class of ships represents an innovative, efficient response to the demand for increasingly high quality and, at the same time, environmentally friendly maritime services. We have proven this in recent months with the deployment of the Great Antwerp – the first unit of this series – and it will be even more evident with the arrival of the Great Lagos and the other four sister units currently under construction”, said Gian Luca Grimaldi, President of Grimaldi Group S.p.A.

Our commitment and investments continue to generate tangible results and satisfaction in our customers, and step by step they bring us closer to the major, primary objective of the green transition of shipping.

Grimaldi is investing heavily in its fleet renewal strategy. In the most recent deal, announced in May 2023, the company ordered two ammonia-ready car carriers from China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (CSSC), bringing its ordering tally to 17 vessels.

Grimaldi Group’s massive fleet renewal plan includes 25 ships currently under construction: 17 ammonia-ready car carriers, four “G5”-class multipurpose ro-ro units, two “GG5G”-class hybrid ro-ro vessels and two “Superstar”-class ro-pax ships (for the subsidiary Finnlines).

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