Photo: Courtesy of ABB

GSE, ABB present simulation project for Nihonkai LNG

GSE Systems’s collaboration with ABB Bailey Japan has resulted in a project to provide process simulation for the Nihonkai LNG terminal in Niigata, Japan.

GSE, ABB present simulation project for Nihonkai LNG
Courtesy of ABB

The collaboration between GSE, a U.S. company for advanced engineering and workforce solutions that decarbonise operations for the power industry, and ABB Bailey Japan, a company for plant automation technology, was established in March 2020.

The project at Nihonkai LNG is the first one resulting from this alliance. It covers software and services scope which will include modeling processes using JPro Tools, simulation software from GSE, which will then be integrated with ABB’s automation system.

Nihonkai LNG terminal has a total capacity of 720,000 cubic metres, with facilities for receiving, storing, and supplying LNG to the Niigata and Tohoku area.

The collaboration combines GSE’s specialised control room simulators, plant simulators, and operator procedures with ABB’s capability in control systems, computer-based procedures, and decision support to create high-fidelity training simulator for the Japanese energy industry.

Simulation improves safety and efficiency in operations, and allows verification and validation of engineering modifications, for a holistic view of integrated plant operation. Operators can use GSE’s simulation technology to evaluate control strategies, procedure effectiveness, data integrity, and control system implementation.

President and CEO of ABB Bailey Japan Joerg Theis said: Simulation improves safety and efficiency in operations. Working with GSE, we can support our customers on their digital journey, creating a virtual environment to test and validate operational processes using a real-time dynamic simulated environment. In a greenfield plant such as this it can only serve to increase plant efficiency, reduce capital and operational expenditure, lower risk and increase operational safety.”

LNG is a strategic, clean and reliable form of energy for Japan… Together we are using simulation solutions to drive efficiency for clean, reliable, safe, and inexpensive energy across Japan, added Kyle Loudermilk, president and CEO of GSE Solutions.