Halliburton, Realm Energy Evaluate, Rank Shale Gas Plays in Emerging Markets (USA)


In an effort to accelerate shale gas development, Realm Energy International Corporation has contracted Halliburton’s Consulting and Project Management team to work with Realm Energy to significantly expand the technical evaluation and ranking of the highest-potential shale deposits found in emerging prospective basins globally.

Realm Energy and Halliburton’s Consulting and Project Management team began their collaboration in 2009 with an emphasis on European basins. During this initial effort, Realm Energy, supported by Halliburton, targeted 10 discrete sedimentary basins in four European countries for evaluation. The collaboration identified key prospect trends, and Realm has now successfully acquired 650,000 gross acres and has 4.4 million acres under government application of contiguous tracts of land over significant shale resources.

Realm Energy is now moving into an operational phase with our European leasehold and will contract with Halliburton to leverage its extensive shale-development knowledge, gained from Halliburton’s significant presence in the North American market,” said Realm Energy Chairman Craig Steinke . “We could not have achieved the quality of our European portfolio without the help of Halliburton’s consulting organization; this is why we have expanded our collaboration to assess and rank shale resources globally.”

Halliburton has developed a rigorous and efficient approach to the assessment, appraisal and development of shale plays, based on our extensive experience in North America,” said Paul Koeller, vice president of Halliburton Consulting and Project Management. “Our work with Realm on the European shale plays has significantly increased our knowledge base for unconventionals, and we look forward to working with Realm on a global level.


Source: Halliburton, June 1, 2011;