Hertel: Moulded PIR Insulation Makes Installation More Cost Effective (The Netherlands)

Hertel: Moulded PIR Insulation Makes Installation More Cost Effective

A new moulded PIR pipeline cryogenic insulation whose performance qualities mean that fewer contraction joints are needed is now available from Hertel, the specialist installers of LNG insulation.

Cetrafoam is a 50 kg/m3 rigid, closed cell foam, which is formulated to operate from 120c to -200c, has been designed with a low tensile modulus which makes it more flexible. This gives the foam the mechanical characteristic of being similar to steel and so reduces the need for pipeline expansion and contraction joints.

The moulded foam is also easier to install than traditional block foam and is ideal for off-site preparation, which contributes to better on-site conditions during installation or replacement.

Allan Hollington, who leads Hertel’s Centre of Competence, says: “Cetrafoam is pre-formed in sections, tubes and joints which makes it easier to handle. During its installation, which can be done off-site, no dust is created and there is zero cutting waste that normally comes from using block insulation.”

The moulded foam, which includes a vapour barrier and sub-surface fibre mesh reinforcing, is formed with an ultra-high overpack method which gives it consistency in microcell size and shape. This provides a uniform density and identical mechanical and thermal properties both parallel and perpendicular to the direction of the rise.

It is available in pipe sizes from ½” nps to 24” nps with insulation thickness up to 250mm, or a maximum outside diameter of 1,100mm. Cetrafoam was developed by Cetra Technologies Pty Ltd and is licensed to Matrix Composites & Engineering Ltd who carry-out a continuous process of research and development to keep ahead of industry trends and client demands.

Allan Hollington adds: “The moulded pipe sections produce negligible waste whereas cutting using traditional block insulation can mean up to 50 per cent waste on each LNG train so making it more cost effective.”

“The ability to use Cetrafoam makes installing insulation easier. It is also more cost-effective and without the need for contraction joints means greater integrity in the train for better performance.”

LNG World News Staff, October 08, 2012; Image: Hertel


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