SeaBat sonar provides 15 years of continuous service with EMC

Survey & GPS – August 15, 2008

First purchased in 1990, RESON’s SeaBat 8101 has now seen more than 15 years continuous service with EMC Inc, one the US’s leading marine survey companies.

Mark Mattox President of EMC said: “We are using the SeaBat primarily on US Army Corps of Engineers and Na-tional Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) contracts. The Corps is responsible for all inland waterways and navigation channels in the US.”

“We typically use SeaBat on a monthly basis for channel and bank surveys in rivers and harbours from the Mississippi river to South Florida. These surveys are generally for navigation and dredging projects. We have found the SeaBat to be very reliable with limited repairs necessary.”

He went on to say: “The SeaBat 8101 is capable of high accuracy depth measurements over a swath of the bottom equal to five times the water depth. It is a highly accurate multi-beam system that uses one hundred and forty transducers, mounted in a 210 degree array, to survey the sea floor. Full coverage one-half foot plus accuracy are achieved with the 8101 system. This is an economical system with unlimited potential for many hydrographic and other applications.”

Finally, he added: “The 8101 continues to meet and exceed the performance test standards set by the US Army Corps of Engineers and we perform these tests prior to every survey.”