Councillor urges Myall River mouth dredging

News – September 10, 2008

ABC in Australia reports that a call for the mouth of the Myall River near Hawks Nest to be dredged has been issued by a local councillor

Great Lakes councillor Len Roberts told ABS the situation is “urgent,” because low salinity and pollution have led to diseased and dying fish in the waterway.

Councillor Roberts said a build-up of sediment around the river mouth is restricting tidal flows and making things worse.

“There’s been dead fish continually surfacing at the Myall River and weed and residents and fishermen are concerned about just how bad it is, unfortunately it’s been happening for three months,” he told ABC.

“There needs to be a single authority that oversights the Myall River so we can at least fix the problem.” H said dredging “needs to be done as soon as possible.”