Union Resources has positive report on dredging Sandpiper Phosphate Area, Namibia

Union Resources Limited (ASX:UCL) has announced that it has received a Project Assessment Report, prepared by the Jan de Nul Group for the proposed dredging operations for its Sandpiper/Meob phosphate Joint Venture area of Namibia.

Jan De Nul Group is currently the biggest dredging contractor of the world operating the youngest, most modern and versatile fleet. They are leaders in developing dredging technology Jan de Nul considers that the dredging, storing on board and ashore of the Sandpiper material does not create any challenge from an engineering point of view, since this technology is already widely known and has been practice for several years, especially at Jan de Nul. They have determined that, at this stage of engineering the suction depth of its mega hopper Cristobal Colon can easily be extended to reach 225m water depth.