Ten years of success for Van der Velden’s Oceangoing vessels division

It is now a full decade since Van der Velden Barkemeyer (formerly Barkemeyer Schiffstechnik GmbH) joined Van der Velden Marine Systems and formed the group’s dedicated Oceangoing vessels division. Just moved from Reinbek to Glinde (near Hamburg, Germany), the past ten years have seen Van der Velden become a major supplier of manoeuvring equipment to the oceangoing sector.

One of the key products is the original BARKE® rudder, which ensures excellent manoeuvrability and course keeping qualities. An innovative and sophisticated high-lift design results in minimal wear on the linkage and reduces noise and vibration. These benefits are keenly appreciated and more than 1300 oceangoing vessels, varying from dredgers to multi-purpose vessels, have already installed the BARKE® rudder.
Van der Velden Marine Systems also sees increasing interest in the COMMANDER™ rotary vane steering gear, which is ideal for all commercial oceangoing vessels as well as superyachts and inland ships. The rotary vane steering gear includes a compact actuator inside a closed housing, with equal torque at all rudder angles. Inside the actuator is a fully integrated rudder carrier for rudder stock diameters of approx. 660 mm (depending on rudder angle). The smoothest possible rudder movement is assured.