DMC rudders for world’s largest PCTCs ordered by BYD

Damen Marine Components (DMC), a Dutch supplier of maneuvering systems, has been contracted to supply rudder systems for four pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs) ordered by China’s BYD, the world’s biggest electric vehicle (EV) maker.

A PCTC vessel. Courtesy of DMC

The 9,200 CEU vessels are being built at China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Jiangsu) and China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu). The first vessel is scheduled for delivery in 2025.

When launched, the LNG-fueled PCTCs will be the largest of their class in the world.

For each PCTC, DMC will be supplying an Atlantic Rudder with asymmetric rudder technology (ART) and a Silent Bulb. With no moving parts, these spade rudders are highly dependable and with a slim profile offer minimal resistance.

According to DMC, the rudders’ good course-keeping capabilities make them a popular choice for long-distance, ocean-going vessels. Each rudder is custom-built to take account of the hull shape and the propeller angles of the vessel on which it will be installed.

Optimized in this way, the asymmetric leading edge (ART) smooths the water flow over the rudder to maximum effect, reducing resistance and cavitation, and fuel consumption.

A DMC Silent Bulb will be mounted on each rudder of the new BYD ships. This energy-saving device minimizes the likelihood of cavitation around the rudder by mitigating the inevitable flow losses caused by the propeller. This dual approach not only prolongs the rudder’s lifespan but also amplifies the maximum propeller thrust, thanks to the significantly enhanced propeller efficiency, the company said.

In related news, BYD recently took delivery of its first car carrier which is dual-fueled. The maiden voyage ceremony for BYD Explorer No.1, the 7,000 CEU LNG dual-fuel pure car, truck carrier (PCTC), was held on January 15 at the Port of Shenzhen.

Built by CIMC Raffles, a subsidiary of China International Marine Containers (CIMC), the newbuild is the first car carrier built at a Chinese yard that will transport domestically produced cars.

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