Blue Oceans Uses Iridium for Remote Monitoring of Explosive Magazines

Blue Oceans Satellite Systems Inc. today announced its newest application for asset tracking and remote monitoring with the addition of its Explosives Regulatory Division (ERD)-Compliant Satellite-Based Explosive Magazine Monitoring Solution (EMMS). The solution, based on the system requirements of the federal government of Canada’s Explosives Magazine Security Surveillance Program, represents the latest evolution of the company’s remote monitoring capabilities. The EMMS utilizes the Iridium satellite network – the largest commercial satellite constellation in the world, delivering truly global coverage to offer the only certified two-way access control to remote explosive magazines.

Employing the bi-directional Iridium data service allows Blue Oceans’ customers to implement on-demand remote queries of systems and immediate over-the-air system updates, such as the addition or removal of access entry codes. It also allows for the remote diagnosis of problems, which virtually eliminates the need to dispatch service personnel. Additionally, the base product is easily expandable, allowing two explosive magazines to be monitored from one unit. Customers find these cost-effective benefits particularly valuable.

“Blue Oceans understands the paramount need for security in the storage and monitoring of explosive materials,” said Paul Anderson, president, Blue Oceans. “That is why we have engineered a product that can be used in absolutely any location. Unlike cellular, or other radio services, Iridium provides ubiquitous coverage anywhere on Earth.”

“Iridium-based data communications are a ‘must’ for organizations operating in remote locations, like portions of Canada, where no other form of telecommunication infrastructure exists,” said Don Thoma, executive vice president, Marketing, Iridium. “Tracking assets and keeping in touch while on the ocean, in the air, and in oil fields, rural highways and through remote territories is critical for any organization needing to meet regulatory requirements for tracking assets outside the normal boundaries of cellular or land-based telecommunications infrastructure. In addition, Iridium data modems fit well into Blue Oceans’ small, lightweight, efficient and reliable tracking units. For Blue Oceans’ customers, this not only provides data for regulatory compliance, but also layers an added element of safety.”

Iridium’s global, pole-to-pole satellite communications coverage and unmatched network quality are the primary reasons why Iridium has become the fastest-growing mobile satellite services (MSS) provider. Iridium’s subscriber base of mobile data users continues to grow, with its massive increase driven in large measure by enterprise organizations that require worldwide, economical, low-latency data links for international asset tracking and resource management.

Blue Oceans is partnering with Value-Added Resellers (VARs) across Canada to offer customers local installation and purchasing entities.

“Our alliance with VARs is a crucial element in our strategy to establish a strong regional presence in the Canadian market,” said Craig Pollard, director of Data Services, Blue Oceans. “In an effort to expand our reach and serve customers across the country in their geographic areas, we work with partners who truly understand the installation and delivery of data services.”

These Blue Oceans VAR agreements will provide local distribution and superior installation, maintenance and monitoring services to customers operating in all regions of Canada.

The EMMS provides clients with peace of mind in the knowledge that their magazines are safeguarded against unlawful entry and will be compliant with new federal government regulations.