Rudder Roll Stabilisation system for Republic of Korean Navy

With the recently signed contract for the RRS system on the new FFX frigate program for the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN), Imtech Marine & Offshore proves the added value of the RRS System.The Imtech Rudder Roll Stabilisation System was developed by one of Imtech’s leading Senior Consultants, Dr. Ir. Peter van der Klugt in close cooperation with the Delft University of Technology and the Royal Netherlands Navy. The RRS System consists of both an adaptive autopilot for course/heading keeping and a patented roll stabilising control algorithm for roll reduction. The ROKN plans to deploy a total of nine 2,500-ton class frigates by 2018 and has decided for the shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries to build the first of class ship. The delivery of one ship per year will run from 2010 up to 2018.

The Rudder Roll concept allows for roll reduction of a ship, without the need for separate stabiliser fins. Next to the obvious cost saving on additional fins, the RRS System provides reduction of engine room space, underwater noise and water resistance. The absence of stabiliser fins results in less drag for the ship. Due to this reduction in water resistance, less fuel is required for the propulsion of the ship. Therefore fuel saving is achieved by using the existing rudders instead of adding extra stabiliser fins. RRS is a clear example of Imtech’s energy-saving solutions.

With the first-time introduction of the RRS system on the KDX-III class destroyers, the ROK Navy followed the example of first class Navies such as the German Navy and the Royal Netherlands Navy, which already had taken the RRS on board of their F124-class, M-class, LCF-class frigates and K-130 corvettes. For these Navies the RRS system has been the proven-technology for decades.
Applying the RRS system on the new generation of FFX frigates shows the continued satisfaction and commitment of the ROK Navy for this unique Imtech solution.