Options released for work on StatoilHydro platforms

StatoilHydro releases options for maintenance, modifications, service and support work on their Norwegian offshore installations in the Tampen area and on the Troll B, Troll C and Brage platforms to Aker Solutions ASA, and on the Halten/Nordland area to Aker Reinertsen AS. The contract values are estimated to NOK 2500 million (2011), NOK 250 million (2010) and NOK 900 million respectively (2011). (Option validity in bracets).

The contracts for maintenance, modifications, service and support work on all Tampen and Halten/Nordland platforms were awarded in 2002 with expiry in February 2007. Options for continuation of the work in three periods each of two years were included in the contracts. It is now the second of these options which has been released. The contract related to maintenance, modifications, service and support work at the Troll B, Troll C and Brage platforms was awarded in 2006.

All work under the contracts will be executed by Aker Offshore Partner AS in Stavanger and Bergen and by Aker Reinertsen AS in Trondheim. Aker Solutions is in a process of combining its strengths in the two business areas Field Development and MMO into a new and stronger business area named Energy Development & Services (ED&S). The contracts in question will sort under the ED&S business area.

Aker Reinertsen is owned equally by Aker Offshore Partner and Reinertsen. The company is located in Trondheim and perform all maintenance and modification work on the platforms at the Halten/Nordland area.

“We are pleased that StatoilHydro once again express their satisfaction with Aker Solutions and Aker Reinertsen performance through the award of these options. We look forward to continue building our strong relationship, assisting our client in maintaining and improving these strategically important facilities,” says Tore Sjursen, President, Aker Offshore Partner.