Revolutionary multicat offers 90% fuel savings

Jacco Wakker has developed the Fast-Multicat, a new type of multicat which offers you the choice to save up to 90% on fuel or to sail up to three times faster than similar vessels. “The Fast-Multicat is based on the principle of the catamaran”, explains Jacco Wakker. “During sailing, the centre hull will be lifted. Thus the vessel becomes a catamaran with all its typical characteristics. Arriving at the work site, the centre hull will be lowered again resulting in a fully stable deck. Jacco Wakker will soon start building the first catamaran in the world which will be able to operate as a truly multi purpose vessel. The system of the movable centre hull has been patented worldwide.

The problem
“A multicat is a more or less square vessel with a rather massive construction,” explains Jacco Wakker. “She is a very stable work boat and during sailing, which is necessary to arrive at the work site, she requires an enormous amount of fuel, which is due to the high resistance. At full power, with four 900 KW engines, the top speed is eleven knots and that will take about 730 liter of fuel per hour. Covering large distances is not profitable. It takes too much time and will cost too much money.”

The solution
In cooperation with Ad Hoc Marine Designs Jacco Wakker has developed the Fast-Multicat using the unique sailing characteristics of a catamaran. “With this special vessel the captain has two options: fast or economical sailing. If you maintain a speed of 11 knots you need no more than 70 liters of fuel per hour. That is a reduction of about 90 percent. If you want to save time (instead of fuel) you can go full speed and reach a top of 33 knots.”

The technology
The Fast-Multicat consists of a starboard hull, a port side hull and a centre hull. The deck covers the full width of the vessel and thus connects the upper parts of the hulls. The centre hull is filled with four sectional rubber bellows from which the air can be withdrawn creating a vacuum. They slide together lifting the centre hull resulting in a vessel with two hulls, a catamaran. The Fast-Multicat has a length of 43 meters and a width of 13 meters. The draught varies between 1,00 and 1,60 meters, depending on the use of the centre hull. The vessel is powered by four 900 KW engines.

The possibilities
“For K & W Trans, the Fast-Multicat offers an important extension of our working range. We can carry out our activities further from the coast and therefore we are able to tender for more projects than ever. The Fast-Multicat can also be used as a transport vessel. Moreover, if interest is shown, we will expand our activities and build this multi purpose vessel for other companies.

The entrepreneur
Jacco Wakker started 20 years ago in the canal shipping trade. After he had obtained all required papers, he started his own company K & W Trans. Soon he developed innovative ideas which he applied to the tugboats he developed and built on his own account for use in his own company. Wherever possible Jacco Wakker works together with technicians and colleagues to realize his ideas.

The company
K & W Trans has a fleet of three tugboats, two traditional multi purpose vessels and the special submersible pontoon “Deliver”. Thanks to the cooperation with several colleagues, the company can, if necessary, put in more vessels, tools and manpower. This flexibility makes is possible to accept both small and larger contracts in the Netherlands as well as abroad. K & W Trans works on a regular basis for offshore- and dredging companies.