IADC: Ecosystem Services in Beijing

Image source: IADC

The International Association of Dredging Companies’ (IADC) Jurgen Dhollander will be in Beijing to give an insightful presentation to attendees of the 5th International Congress on Dredging Technology Development, from 28-29 November.

Mr Dhollander will present the integrated role of ecosystem services in project assessment within the dredging industry, aligning with the conference’s primary themes of ecology, dredging and sustainability.

‘Ecosystem Services’ is an evolving process

Industrial activity is undoubtedly an important endeavour, but sustainable activities are pertinent to preserve environmental resources. These resources sustain life’s basic needs – such as fresh air, food and water –  therefore the absence of said resources has wide-reaching impacts on economic, social and cultural welfare.

Ecosystem Services (ES) is a continuously developing concept which aims to encapsulate the dependent relationship between ecosystems and human life.

Most importantly, ES offers a framework to facilitate a tangible analysis of humanity’s impact on the environment.

ES encourages informed decision-making to reduce environmental impacts and benefit project works, especially when all potential organizations and stakeholders are involved from the beginning of the process.

Stakeholders become knowledgeable of projected outcomes through three levels of valuation: qualitative review, quantitative review of effects and monetary value.

With the completed Port Botany expansion as a case study, he will offer insight into the comprehensive approach which commences at the onset of marine infrastructure projects, letting the dredging industry weigh both short and long-term effects before work starts.