ICS: Port State Control to Abandon BGW Lists?

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Port state control (PSC) regimes globally could move away from black, gray and white (BGW) performance lists, and focus on expanding an individual ship risk profile approach, according to Intermaritime Certification Services (ICS Class).

The proposal was made at a recent workshop held at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) headquarters, along with a range of recommendations regarding harmonization and information sharing.

The workshop recommended that PSC regimes consider developing and maintaining a coordinated list of under-performing ships. The possible development of a common platform for interregional exchange to facilitate informal exchange among PSC regimes, as well as the development of joint working policies, were also recommended.

Furthermore, the gathering noted the growing number of PSC regimes implementing targeted inspections mechanisms, as well as incentive schemes, so that ships found in compliance with international standards are subject to fewer inspections, while substandard ships are targeted more.

Among other recommendations made by the meeting, the PSC regimes agreed to explore the development of statistical output and to look into the compatibility of their systems.

Establishing an outreach partnership between the IMO and PSC regimes to disseminate the outcome of IMO work, to collect first-hand feedback on implementation and to develop technical cooperation, was also considered. The workshop also recommended that the IMO consider developing a harmonized training manual for use by flag state inspectors and PSC officers.

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