India Bolsters Anti-Piracy Efforts

Indian government is stepping up its efforts aimed at dealing with piracy at sea.

Namely, the government has adopted a Contingency Plan for dealing with piracy and hijacking of merchant ships with Indian crew and arising hostage situations.

In addition, several guidelines have been adopted as well, in particular relating to Best Management Practices including safe house/citadel for vessels and banning of sailing vessels to ply in waters south or west of the line joining Salalah and Male through merchant shipping.

The country plans to bolster its naval escort activities in the Gulf of Aden as well by enhanced vigil in the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and westward upto 65 degree east longitude.

The government has set up several bodies that will be in charge of crisis management, including Inter-Ministerial Group (IMGO) under the Ministry of Shipping and Committee of Secretaries on Anti-Piracy and Hijacking at sea (COSAPH).