Biscay Gulf interconnector map

Inelfe scouts Biscay Gulf interconnector advisor

The Biscay Gulf electrical interconnection developer Inelfe has issued a tender call for advisor/broker insurance services to advise the company along the project.

Biscay Gulf interconnector; Courtesy: Inelfe

The scope of the services will focus on 2 phases divided into three activities.

Specifically, these include probable maximum losses analysis to set up the minimum insurance capacity, design target insurance program CCIP/OCIP and associated contract clauses.

It also includes support on insurance issues during EPC tendering process, runinng a desk quote for OCIP and/or umbrella program and optionally act as broker for such program or control contractors insurance deployment.

The Biscay Gulf interconnector between Spain and France is a joint project developed by Inelfe on behalf of Réseau Transport d’Electricité (RTE) and Red Eléctica de España (REE).

The interconnector consists of the construction of a 2GW link. This link comprises two circuits rated 1GW each for DC operating voltage of 400 kV, comprised of 4 power cables, 4 converter station terminals located close to 400 kV Cubnezais substation (France) and Gatica substation (Spain).

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The length of the route is approximately 400 kilometers starting in Spanish Pais Vasco region (near Bilbao) to an ending point in Nouvelle Aquitaine (Gironde department, near Bordeaux).

The interconnection comprises underground cables with total approximate route length of 100 kilometres as well as submarine cables with total approximate route length of 300 kilometres.

Prysmian, Nexans and potentially other cable suppliers are in play for cabling works.

Inelfe plans to keep the tender open until 30 October 2020.