Infographic: Actual Maritime Incidents in Asia Drop by 12 Pct

There was an overall drop in actual piracy and armed robbery incidents against ships in Asia during January-March 2017, while the number of attempts increased, according to the latest report from Asian piracy watchdog ReCAAP ISC.

From January to March, a total of 20 incidents occurred – 18 armed robbery and 5 piracy incidents.

Out of these, 15 actual incidents were reported, representing a drop of 12% compared to January-March 2016.

“Increase in the┬ánumber of attempted incidents is an indication of successful efforts by crews to deter boarding by perpetrators,” ReCAAP said.

The infographic below provides more detailed information on piracy and armed robbery incidents against ships in Asia during the first quarter of this year:

Image Courtesy: ReCAAP


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