Inocean CEO Presents Dalian Developer at Singapore’s Offshore Drilling Rigs Event

Inocean CEO Presents Dalian Developer at Singapore's Offshore Drilling Rigs Event

Jon Erik Borgen, CEO of Inocean, is one of the speakers at the 5th Annual Offshore Drilling Rigs Conference in Singapore.

The conference takes place 8-11 April. Borgen will open day 2 with his presentation of Dalian Developer – “The World’s Largest Ultra-Deepwater Drillship with a Unique Design for Efficient and Sustainable Drilling Operation”.

6h generation drillship

It was Norwegian financier Wilhelm Blystad who first approached Inocean and asked for a design of a multi-purpose floater (MPF) for challenging ocean waters such as the North Sea. This led Blystad to start up the rig contractor MPF Corp, which became Inocean’s customer when development and shipbuilding commenced. The work was halted when MPF Corp faced economic difficulties in the autumn of 2008 and filed for US Chapter 11 insolvency protection. In July 2010 COSCO Dalian took over the hull, equipment and EPC responsibility for completion of the drillship, now named Dalian Developer.

Press Release, April 8, 2013
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