ION Delivers Reprocessed Data Off Barbados

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ION Geophysical Corporation has completed the company’s Barbados Reprocessing project, in coordination with the recent announcement of Barbados’ 2015 offshore licensing campaign.

ION’s Barbados Reprocessing is a multi-client two-dimensional (2D) seismic program encompassing more than 9,000 km of newly imaged pre-stack time migration (PSTM) and pre-stack depth migration (PSDM) data.

According to ION, the reprocessed data is designed to advance oil and gas companies’ understanding of the Tobago Trough, Barbados Ridge, Barbados Trough forearc basins and the Outer Deformation Front.

The data was originally captured in 1999, and reprocessed using the imaging techniques from ION’s GX Technology team. Combined with adjacent BasinSPAN regional data in Trinidad & Tobago, the project expands ION’s coverage in the eastern Caribbean and delivers prospect-level data for detailed exploration.

“This reprocessed data shows significant improvement in resolution, and providesboth an exploration-grade grid and a full regional geological study for evaluating the hydrocarbon potential offshore Barbados and beyond,” noted Brian Horn, Senior Vice President of ION’s E&P Advisors group. “Our goal is to deliver to prospective bidders the fullest and most advanced framework, including seismic ties and conjugates with neighboring basins and existing wells.”

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