Photo: ION Lamu Basin multi-client area (Courtesy of ION Geophysical)

ION wins 3D multi-client programs offshore Kenya

ION Geophysical has secured an exclusive agreement for 3D multi-client programs offshore Kenya.

ION Lamu Basin multi-client area (Courtesy of ION Geophysical)
ION Lamu Basin multi-client area (Courtesy of ION Geophysical)

The agreement includes both 3D new acquisition offshore the Lamu Basin and reimaging vintage data offshore Kenya.

Offshore Kenya is an attractive area with a proven petroleum system.

However, it has remained underexplored, in part due to lack of available 3D data, according to ION.

The final shape and size of new 3D programs will be dictated by client input and underwriting, ION said.

Joe Gagliardi, Senior Vice President of ION’s Ventures group, said: “We are pleased Kenya’s Ministry of Energy and Petroleum selected ION to increase the understanding and promote the hydrocarbon potential of these offshore resources to attract future investment.

 “The program will leverage our extensive data library and knowledge offshore Kenya and East Africa. In an increasingly competitive environment for seismic data, we have geographic exclusivity in a promising, underexploited geography to execute our 3D strategy, for both new acquisition and reimaging programs.

“Kenya represents a fourth significant opportunity to diversify our successful 3D reimaging, in addition to Mexico, Brazil and Mauritania”.

The Kenya 3D project consists of two programs, with the main one being the Lamu Basin 3D.

The project is a multi-client new acquisition program covering approximately 14,000 km2 of the Lamu Basin.

Subject to industry interest, the survey will be acquired in two phases, in partnership with BGP, covering the northern and the southern edges of the basin.

The first phase is proposed to be acquired in advance of the upcoming offshore license round.

The Republic of Kenya is expected to hold an offshore license round in the near term. Once complete, the enhanced seismic data will be the most modern data available in the region in support of the round, according to ION.