Iran inaugurates Phase 12 of South Pars field

The biggest phase of the South Pars field, Phase 12, officially launched operation before the end of the current Iranian year (March 20) in a ceremony in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani and his delegation.

Inaugurating the phase 12 of South Pars gas field, Oil Minister argued: “This phase is considered the most tremendous project in the history of oil industry, which has been completed through nonstop work and endeavor of Iranian experts in South Pars gas field.”

He added: “The capital of 7.5 billion dollars has been invested in the project, and we are hopeful for the rest of the phases to proceed with an appropriate pace. Oil Minister confirmed that from now on, there will be added more than 81 million cubic meter sweet gas and 120 thousand barrels of gas condensates which means a remarkable figure added to the production rate of the oil and gas industry.”
In February, Managing Director of South Pars Oil and Gas Company Ali Akbar Sha’banpour elaborated on the features of Phase 12, and said, “Its area, and respectively production capability, is three times greater than the regular phases of the offshore field.”

Sha’banpour said that Phase 12 exploits three billion feet of sour gas from the seabed, equal to 84 million cubic meters, and after separating its gas derivatives, injects some 75 million cubic meters of sweet gas to the trans-Iranian gas pipeline network.

According to him, three main derricks and one satellite derrick are installed for the Phase 12, which altogether transfer that volume of gas to the refineries in the Iranian mainland.

He said that implementing the project took 110 months, equal to nine and a half years.

He noted that Iran’s 51% share in production of the required facilities for construction of the oil and gas facilities needed in the South Pars Field has increased to 66% in construction of the wide-scale Phase 12.

Phase 12 of South Pars, shared by Iran and Qatar, is the largest phase in this gigantic gas reservoir.

South Pars holds 40% of Iran’s gas reserves. This reservoir, sprawling on 3,700 square kilometers, contains 14.2 tcm of gas and 19 billion barrels of gas condensate.

Source: National Iranian Oil Company