Iran: Sadra Shipyard Launches Transportation Barge ‘Mahdis II’

Iran - Sadra Shipyard Launches Transportation Barge 'Mahdis II'

Sadra Shipbuilding Plant in Busher has launched its second barge for transportation of platform jackets for the offshore South Pars field developments. The vessel was built in six months.

Mahdis II, a 1,500-metric ton (1,654-ton) vessel, is 84 m (275 ft) long, with a breadth of 27 m (88 ft), height of 6 m (19 ft), and draft of 4.7 m (15 ft). Its loading capacity is 7,000 metric tons (7,716 tons). This vessel and its forerunner Mahdis I, launched last year, will transport jackets for South Pars phases 13 and 22. Previously, Iran used foreign chartered vessels for transportation programs.

The second 2,000-metric ton (2,205-ton) jacket for the South Pars A-19 platform has been installed at its offshore location.

A second drilling derrick, designed to drill five wells, should head offshore shortly. The C-19 derrick is deployed at the South Pars 19 site. Phase 19 calls for drilling 21 wells.

Petropars and Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Co. are responsible for the development, designed to deliver 50 MMcm/d (1.76 bcf/d) of sweet gas, 75,000 b/d of gas condensates, 400 tons of sulfur, and annual production of 1.05 MM tons of liquefied gas and 1 MM tons of ethane.

Source: PARS, August 16, 2012; Image: Sadra