IRENA rolls out upgraded Global Atlas for Renewable Energy

International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has released a new version of its online renewable energy mapping platform called Global Atlas for Renewable Energy.

Global Atlas 3.0 fosters user collaboration to facilitate project development by enabling renewable energy planners to share their maps with the rest of the Global Atlas community.

Updated with new comprehensive data and features, the new version also unveils new user functionality and an upgraded interface.

The free-to-use tool boasts other updates including new analysis capabilities, a PV battery simulator, a solar water-heater simulator, and a grid-connected solar PV system simulator.

Henning Wuester, Director of IRENA’s Knowledge, Policy and Finance Center, said: “The new Global Atlas update brings huge improvements for developers, market analysts, energy planners and policy makers. This will lead to more renewable energy projects coming to life and new markets penning up for renewable energy investments.”

Further development on the Global Atlas is ongoing, IRENA said, adding that the new wind power cost simulator will be introduced in the coming months.

A free and publicly open project, Global Atlas has been evolving and improving for the last six years.

The online platform seeks to assist energy prospecting for renewable energy sites by providing easy access to accurate maps, and by creating a universal outlet for renewable resource map makers.