IRENA turns 5

(Photo: IRENA)
(Photo: IRENA)

International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), an intergovernmental organization made up from 146 members that promotes the adoption and sustainable use of renewable energy, is today marking the fifth anniversary of its formal creation.

“The past five years have witnessed a dramatic shift in the global energy sector,” said IRENA’s General Director Adnan Amin“Technology costs of renewables have plummeted, investment is growing year over year and global capacity additions have skyrocketed. Leaders from the public and private sector around the world are committing to renewables over other energy sources in an unprecedented manner. We are truly in the midst of a total transformation of the global energy paradigm.”

Since 2011, IRENA engagement has grown to more than 175 countries with activities taking place in 90 countries around the world. It has provided advisory support to dozens of countries, assisting them with policy frameworks to scale up renewables and spearheaded several regional initiatives to leverage markets, strengthen collaboration and improve knowledge sharing, the Agency said in a press release.

Also, IRENA has developed practical tools such as roadmaps to enable countries to better plan their energy transition.

“The growth of IRENA as an Agency is a testament to the strong commitment to renewable energy worldwide. IRENA was created to support and accelerate the ongoing global energy transition and the rapid growth potential it offers well into the future. IRENA today is well equipped to support its member countries in this rapidly evolving global transition,” concluded Amin.