Italy: BG Shelves Brindisi LNG Project

BG Group of UK has put on hold plans to set up an liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal in Brindisi port in Italy.

The company first asked for the authorisation to construct the LNG terminal  in Brindisi in 2001, but failed to get the permits after 11-year process.

It is impossible to think that a big multinational company would have a project blocked for 11 years. There is a limit to everything,” BG Italia head Luca Manzella told Italian daily Il Sole 24 Ore today.

The parent company, disappointed and discouraged by an endless standoff with Italian authorities … has decided to reconsider from the basis the feasibility of the investment,” he said.

BG planned to build the LNG terminal at Capo Bianco, the deep-water outer harbour of Brindisi port.

The facility, with a capacity of six million tones of LNG per annum, could supply up to 10% of Italy’s current gas demand.


LNG World News Staff, March 6, 2012; Image: Brindisi LNG