ITW’s Ducorit on Over 2000 Offshore Wind Farms

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ITW Polymers Europe, a Danish manufacturer of ultrahigh performance grout Ducorit for offshore and onshore wind turbine foundations, has reached a milestone in the wind industry by grouting it’s 2000th foundation. 

ITW's Ducorit on Over 2000 Offshore Wind Farms

During the past 14 years, ITW Polymers Europe (previously Densit) has specialised in the production and installation of especially developed Ducorit, an ultrahigh performance cementitious based material for grouting offshore wind turbine connections.

Last week, foundation no. 2000 was grouted successfully with Ducorit at the offshore wind farm of Westermost Rough 8 km off the coast of Yorkshire, and important players the wind industry agree that a unique milestone has been reached.

ITW's Ducorit on Over 2000 Offshore Wind Farms

“ITW WindGroup is one of the Danish companies, which as a specialised supplier to the international wind industry has helped Denmark secure a unique position,” says Project Manager of the industry organisation Hub North, Henrik Wadmann.“Having helped to install more than 2000 offshore wind turbines is a completely unique performance. This means that the company has been in the industry since the very beginning. Years of experience and the know-how that comes with it are what characterise Danish companies and continue to give them a unique, international market position, which has not yet been challenged by copycats. There is no shortcut to experience, and this may be the most important USP for Danish wind companies in an international context.”

He is supported by Jan Pedersen, Chief Specialist of DONG Energy Wind Power: “DONG Energy has, to our full satisfaction as to the product’s quality and project management, used Ducorit as well as ITW’s installation services on a number of offshore wind farms. This is a very important milestone for ITW, and we congratulate”
Press Release, May 30, 2014

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