Iv-Consult Selected for the Gode Wind Project

The detail engineering department of Iv-Consult has begun making the workshop drawings of two topsides of converter platforms, each approximately 1250 tons, for the Gode Wind 01 and 02 Wind farm projects.

Iv-Consult Selected for the Gode Wind Project

This project is for Iemants Steel Constructions N.V. in Belgium.

Gode Wind 01 and 02 are offshore wind farm projects are located northwest of Nordreney in the German sector of the North Sea. The projects are developed by Dong Energy.

The capacity of Gode Wind 01 will be 332 megawatts and Gode Wind 02 will have a capacity of 252 megawatts. The cable capacity is 900 megawatts HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current), suitable for connections to other wind farms. The connection to the mainland is guaranteed by TenneT.

It is expected that the wind farm will be fully operational in 2016.


April 23, 2014

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