Jasper Vis: ‘Wind Turbine a Day’ Approach Needed

For offshore wind to move forward in the most productive way, the industry needs clear targets and stable policy framework for the period ‎from 2020 to 2030, Jasper Vis, Country Manager at DONG Energy Netherlands said at the Offshore WIND Conference in Amsterdam.

A “wind turbine a day” method should be adopted, according to Vis, and an ideal size for future projects is between 800 and 1,500 megawatts.

Offshore wind is now cheaper than gas or coal-powered plants, with a price of EUR 65/MWh while gas is at EUR 70 and coal at EUR 72, he pointed out.

Nevertheless, gas will play an important role together with offshore wind in future energy mix.

The energy system must become flexible to absorb a high share of renewables, Jasper Vis said. In this regard, the hybrid approach is a good way forward for the electricity systems, meaning that renewables are being used when production is high, while the system would rely on gas when renewable generation falls.

Reporting: Adnan Duraković, Offshore WIND; Editing: Offshore WIND Staff

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