Jemena given green light to build Northern Gas Pipeline

The government of Australia’s Northern Territory gave thumbs up to Jemena to build the first 344km portion of the Northern Gas Pipeline (NGP) project.

The pipeline will cost A$800 million ($604 million) to construct and will run for 622 kilometers between Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory and Mount Isa in Queensland, connecting the NT and eastern gas market.

The consent to build the first portion of the Northern Gas Pipeline project follows the permission to construct the Phillip Creek Station Compressor Station granted at the beginning of May. Consent to construct the pipeline is being granted in stages.

Northern Territory’s minister for resources Ken Vowles said, “Jemena has indicated that it will start construction on this portion as soon as practicable to take advantage of the dry season.”

It is expected 240 kilometers of the pipe, which spans from 45km northwest of Tennant Creek to 113 kilometers west of the Queensland border, will be laid this year.

According to Jemena’s website, the first gas is expected to flow in 2018.

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