Jereh to supply CNOOC’s offshore projects with compressor packages

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Jereh Group, an oil and gas equipment manufacturer and engineering services provider, has announced that it successfully won the bid to provide CNOOC with compressor packages for its offshore projects.

Jereh to supply CNOOC's offshore projects with compressor packagesA total of Jereh’s six compressor packages, each two under high, medium and low pressure conditions, will be used in CNOOC offshore projects. Compared with onshore equipment, offshore equipment has higher requirements for more integrated systems, more complex structures, greater equipment density and more technology difficulty. To this end, Jereh made a mass of custom design and specialized manufacturing processes for them.

In-depth analysis of torsional vibration and pulsation for offshore operation are made to meet CNOOC’s high vibration index standard; highly compact design to save space; special component materials to avoid ocean salt spray corrosion; titanium alloy water cooler for anti-corrosion.

As China’s largest imported compressor packager, Jereh gas compressing solutions has been widely used including underground gas injection and production, gas gathering station, fuel gas pressuring for gas engines, acid gas injection, extraction and collection of landfill gas and coal gas, CNG fueling system, LNG plants and chemical plants, etc. In August 2013, the first high-power, high-speed reciprocating compressor package exported to Europe was developed by Jereh for Botas’ Lake Tuz underground natural gas storage project in Turkey.

Press Release, May 01, 2014
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