JFSE Wraps Up North Sea Pipeline Deburial Project

James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE) said it has recently completed a North Sea pipeline deburial project in just a single pass.

The team deployed the T4000 tool at a depth of 85 meters for the deburial of a pipeline which had originally been protected by rock dump and natural backfill. The reason for the deburial was to allow for inspection and repair.

Previously, JFSE utilised its Twin R2000 to complete the deburial of four sections of a pipeline to locate the proximity of an umbilical for inspection in the North Sea.

The client’s offshore construction manager was quoted saying: “The JFSE personnel and T4000 worked extremely well. They were very professional throughout every stage of the operation. Well done to the JFSE team.”

According to JFSE, the total excavation operational time for the T4000 was completed ahead of schedule.

Stuart Porteous, business development manager for the region at JFSE, said: “Once again our market-leading technology and expertise has delivered a world-class time and cost-efficient solution for our client.”