Johan Sverdrup Partners Propose Gas Pipeline to Kårstø

Johan Sverdup Partners Propose Gas Pipeline to Kårstø

The partners in Johan Sverdrup field, in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, have recommended that associated gas from the field be piped to the Kårstø facility. This has been confirmed by Statoil on behalf of the partnership.

Gas transport forms part of the choice of development concept for Johan Sverdrup in the Norwegian North Sea, where a decision is expected towards the end of 2013.

A 165-kilometre pipeline from the field will be tied into the Statpipe line in the sea off the island of Karmøy for onward transport of the gas to Kårstø north of Stavanger.

The new pipeline will have a larger capacity than Johan Sverdrup’s own requirements – estimated at three-five million standard cubic metres per day (Mscm/d) in the early phase.

Since the pipeline concept is to be dimensioned for 10 Mscm/d, opportunities will be available for further gas exports from the area. Johan Sverdrup is regarded as an oil field with some associated gas.

“Piping gas from Johan Sverdrup to Kårstø represents the most cost-effective solution for this field, and the best overall area solution for the Utsira High in a long-term perspective,” says CEO Brian Bjordal at pipeline operator Gassco.

He notes that the new link to Johan Sverdrup and the Utsira High accordingly has great strategic significance for the Kårstø processing plant.

“The volumes of gas aren’t particularly large, but are set to last a considerable time,” Bjordal points out. “The new line will also provide greater capacity than Johan Sverdrup needs, opening the way for other fields in the area to use it in the future.”

Landing associated gas from Johan Sverdrup will not require modifications at Kårstø. The decision on a gas solution is conditional on a decision to develop the field.

Press Release, November 08, 2013


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