Lamprell cuts into Seagreen steel

The UAE-based Lamprell has cut the first steel and has started building jacket foundations for the Seagreen offshore wind project.

Back in June, Seaway 7 selected Lamprell to manufacture and deliver 30 turbine jacket foundations for the Scottish offshore wind farm.

Lamprell said that the company had undertaken some pre-engineering works on the project prior to contract signing, allowing for steel orders to be placed promptly and the manufacturing to start quickly.

Lamprell will deliver the jackets to Seaway 7 at its deep-water quayside in Hamriyah port, from where Seaway 7 will transport them to Scotland.

SSE Renewables selected Seaway 7 to provide engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) of the foundations and inter-array cables for the 1,075 Seagreen 1 offshore wind farm.

Seaway 7 will deliver and install 114 wind turbine foundations and some 300 kilometres of inter-array cables under the contract.

Besides Lamprell, Seaway 7 also picked COOEC-Fluor Heavy Industries and Jutal Offshore Oil Services to manufacture and deliver jacket foundations for the project.

Located over 27 kilometres off the Angus coast, Seagreen 1 will comprise 114 MHI Vestas 10 MW turbines scheduled to be operational in 2022/23.

The wind farm is owned by Total (51 per cent) and SSE Renewables (49 per cent), with SSE leading the development and construction of the project.