Leonardo to supply helicopter for Russian oil & gas operations

Italian aerospace player Leonardo will provide an AW189 super medium helicopter to Aviashelf to perform transport operations from Sakhalin Island in Russia in support of the oil & gas industry.

The Italian company said on Tuesday that the aircraft would be supplied together with a support and training package with delivery expected in summer 2018.

According to the helicopter provider, the AW189 will be equipped with a Full Ice Protection System (FIPS) allowing operations in known icing conditions when other helicopters would be grounded.

Describing the helicopter type, Leonardo said that the cabin is configured with 16 seats as standard with the option of a high density 19-seat layout. The company also claimed that the cockpit design reduces crew workload and enhances safety.

The AW189 is also fully compliant with the latest requirements of the oil & gas producers’ helicopter operations guidelines.

The AW189 is unique in having a 50 minute ‘run-dry’ capable main gear box.

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