Life extension for ConocoPhillips’ Eldfisk

ConocoPhillips has received consent from the Norwegian safety watchdog to extend the lifetime of platforms and pipelines on the Eldfisk field, in the North Sea. 

ConocoPhillips is the operator of Eldfisk, an oil field in block 2/7 in the southern North Sea. The field was discovered in 1970 and production began in 1979.

The first development comprised three platforms with steel jackets, Eldfisk 2/7-A, 2/7-B and 2/7-FTP. Two platforms were subsequently added to the field.

ConocoPhillips has applied for consent to extend the lifetime of the first three platforms and associated subsea pipelines to the end of 2028. This is in accordance with the operator’s plans for future development of the field and the approved plan for development and operation (PDO), the PSA said.

According to the safety watchdog, the consent for extended lifetime requires the operator to have ascertained that the platforms, pipelines and equipment are always in a suitable state to be operated safely and in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

“The PSA finds that ConocoPhillips has performed the necessary assessments and investigations to ascertain this,” the safety authority said.

In addition, the PSA has conducted audits specifically related to the application for consent.