Lighting Systems Follow Growth of Wind Industry

With the constant growth of wind energy sector, an ever-growing need for effective and efficient lighting systems emerged. Accordingly, the Flash Technology Vanguard® LED series provides versatile options for the wind energy industry.

Available as an integrated system or a split dual lighting system, the Vanguard LED series is a robust and durable system designed to cater to a wide variety of needs.

Providing lighting for pilots in a variety of situations is achieved with an optional Infrared (IR) capability for better visibility to night vision goggles and night vision imaging systems.

Some Night Vision Goggles (NVG) have filters that make LED obstruction lights less conspicuous. NVG’s approved for civil aviation are only sensitive to energy ranging from 665 to 930 nm. The Vanguard NVG compatible design combines Red (620nm) LEDs and IR (850nm) peak intensity LEDs to ensure that the lighting system is visible to pilots when navigating with NVGs.

With the capabilities and durability of the Vanguard LED series, and the addition of IR visibility, Flash Technology has the lighting systems to fully support the global wind energy market.

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Press release, September 25, 2014; Image: SPX