Linde Expert to Present Results of LNG Fracturing Project at Workshop in Houston

Linde Expert to Present Results of LNG Fracturing Project at Workshop in Houston

Roy Twymon, business development manager, Energy Solutions for Linde LLC, will be presenting the results from a first-ever commercial conversion of an entire hydraulic fracturing fleet fueled by a combination of diesel and economical, clean burning liquefied natural gas.

The presentation, “LNG for Pressure Pumping: Transitioning from Early-stage to Commercially Sustainable Solutions,” will be presented at the LNG-Fueled Hydraulic Fracturing Workshop to be held in Houston, Texas, October 31.

“This project proved the feasibility, safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness and logistical benefits of using LNG in fracturing applications,” said Twymon. “We have 12 months of solid experience in making the transition from a partial to a full-frac spread and from daily operation to a 24/7 operation.”

In his paper, Twymon will discuss what Linde has learned during the demonstration project: the processes required to assure successful and safe operations; the critical coordination of all contributors – customers and vendors — to the project; and the contributing factors for a strong payback.

“To go from solution validation to market adoption requires coordination of technology, plants, storage facilities and dispensing equipment,” says Twymon, who will discuss their critical interaction in the process.

Twymon will also outline the equipment and services Linde can offer companies that want to take advantage of the use of LNG in fracturing operations.

For decades, Linde, a global leader in the growing liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply and fueling market, has applied its unique cryogenic expertise to develop the LNG supply chain. Linde has done this by building LNG plants at various commercial scales applying all major refrigeration cycles and using virtually any methane source, as well as safely and reliably supplying LNG, equipment and site services to end-use customers.

LNG World News Staff, October 29, 2013; Image: Linde