Liverpool launches tender for Mersey tidal power project

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) has officially launched a tender for design consultancy services related to the Mersey tidal range power project.

Illustration (Courtesy of ICE)

The purpose of the tender, announced earlier on Offshore Energy, is to procure a technical advisor and designer to advise on and further develop the conceptual design for a potential tidal range energy scheme in Merseyside.

The current conceptual design was developed as elemental structures that can now be developed further to schematic design concept, allowing review and development including overall design and spatial requirements, materials and embedded carbon, method of construction, construction risks as well as construction costs, according to LCRA.

The services will generally entail three parts starting with the review of the existing designs, construction methodology and the cost book, recommending improvements with the aim of reducing construction risks and updating the design package including the drawings, 3D models, bill of materials, construction program and cost book.

The tender, valued at £230,000 (around €280,000), will remain open for applications until April 26, 2022.

For additional information about the Mersey tidal range energy scheme, and the developments for the project conducted so far, take a look at the subscription-based article titled ‘Liverpool’s tidal range energy scheme ripe for design updates’ published as premium piece on Offshore Energy in late February 2022.

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