LNG bunkering workshop held at Piraeus Port

Poseidon Med informed that its technical workshop on LNG bunkering at the Piraeus Port was held at the Piraeus Port Authority premises. 

Partners from Greece and Italy, including shipping companies, port authorities, designers and supply chain stakeholders gathered to discuss on technology, operational and regulatory issues for LNG bunkering operations in port, Poseidon Med said in a statement.

The scope of the workshop has been to undertake an effective and efficient risk assessment and operability study of the proposed site and facilities which will enable the Port of Piraeus to undertake LNG bunkering operations, according to the statement.

An onsite survey organised in the main passenger Piraeus port and at the car terminal at Ikonio was the initiating point for this study. During the survey, the feasible types of bunkering operations and appropriate sites within the port were discussed, the statement said.

Throughout the workshop, critical points around the issue of LNG bunkering potential in Piraeus were discussed.

Matters like safety zones, simultaneous operations, size and numbers of bunkering barges, capability for re-loading LNG cargo locally or at remote location, impact of LNG bunker barge traffic in the Port Authority traffic operations, preliminary evaluation of bunkering systems for service at port including initial operations using LNG trucks and Port/ bunker barge, operating crew competence standards, were also discussed.

The open group discussions led to the identification of a number of operational matters and resultant operating consequences, together with safeguards/mitigating measures and recommendations to be addressed by the project. A list of areas for further action and assessment was developed and this is to be further detailed by the project partners, Poseidon Med said.

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