LNGWN poll: Shell shareholders say yes, but what about BG?

The shareholders of Royal Dutch Shell will vote in favour of the proposed Shell-BG combination, a poll conducted last week by LNG World News reveals.

According to the poll results, 75,2 percent of the shareholders would approve the deal, while 24,8 percent of the shareholders would say no to the combination worth $70 billion at the time of the offer in April.

In total, there were 501 votes by our readers from all around the globe. The majority of the votes came from the Netherlands, the UK and the U.S., followed by Australia, Japan, India, U.A.E., Qatar etc.

However, both Shell and BG need 50 percent shareholder approval plus one vote to approve the combination. BG also requires votes representing 75 percent of the total value of its shares in favour.

LNG World News created the second poll for our readers to give their opinion on how they think BG’s shareholders will vote on January 28 on the proposed merger as this would be the final step in approving the multi-billion deal.

Cast your vote and check out the current results of the poll below:

What will BG’s shareholders say on the proposed merger with Shell?


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LNG business by Shell and BG

Shell is one of the world’s largest LNG shipping operators, managing and operating more than 40 carriers.

The Hague-based giant has LNG supply projects either in operation or under construction in seven countries. Shell also has a major interest in Hazira LNG import plant in India, and long-term access to capacity in several others in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Shell is also building the giant Prelude FLNG facility, which is expected to start production offshore Western Australia in 2016.

UK-based BG Group has a fleet of around 25 owned and leased LNG carriers. The company’s global portfolio of LNG includes multiple production sources around the world, including Egypt, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia and the US.


LNG World News Staff