MacArtney creates ‘GreenLink’ brand

MacArtney has launched ‘GreenLink’, a connectivity solutions brand.

The backbone of the GreenLink is the GreenLink Inline Termination.

MacArtney GreenLink Inline Termination solutions are used to connect dynamic cables from offshore renewable wind, tidal and wave energy converters to export cables. They are also used to interconnect subsea units.

According to MacArtney, this interconnection process can be empowered by the availability of MacArtney GreenLink Hubs which are heavy-duty, modular ‘subsea sockets’ made up of a number of modules to house multiple cables. Each module is mechanically linked to other modules and extra sections can be added at initial launch or at a later date, making a hub a flexible option over time.

“Cables can be terminated on site or ahead of cable laying and the actual mechanical connection of the two halves takes less than two hours, making it a good solution for marine renewable applications with limited time windows, such as tidal energy units,” it is stated in MacArtney’s press release.

The GreenLink hub design is connector based and all connections are mechanical.