Photo: High-pressure composite riser pipe (Photo courtesy: Magma Global)

Magma Global delivers high-pressure composite riser pipe to HWCG

Magma Global has delivered the high-pressure composite riser pipe for HWCG’s deployable Offset Flexible Riser (OFR) system.

Magma Global delivered what it said to be the world’s first high-pressure composite riser pipe to HWCG’s storage location on the US Gulf Coast.

HWCG hired Magma Global to qualify and manufacture a high-pressure, high-temperature m-pipe to be used as a flexible riser connection to enhance HWCG’s rapid deployment emergency well containment system.

According to Magma Global, the lightweight, flexible m-pipe section will provide additional flow and capture emergency response options for HWCG’s members in the US Gulf of Mexico.

The m-pipe is designed for rapid installation and is suitable for use in shallow water depths where the presence of combustible and volatile compounds affects personnel safety or where access under a floating production facility is needed, the company added.

The system may also be used in deeper waters where more flexibility is desired in managing the marine systems during a response.

Martin Jones, CEO at Magma Global said: “This is a bittersweet success for Magma. We are proud to supply the first composite flexible riser for high pressure, high-temperature hydrocarbons, for use in the Gulf of Mexico yet we hope it will never have to be used. Nevertheless, m-pipe doesn’t corrode or degrade over time and hence will always be ready to enable HWCG to install at speed and with confidence”.