Photo: Paul McEachern; Photo provided by Marine Renewables Canada (cropped)

Marine Renewables Canada appoints new executive director

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Marine Renewables Canada has named Paul McEachern as its new executive director, following a recruiting process that started in May. 

According to the job description posted in May, the association’s executive director will build on the sector and Marine Renewables Canada’s strategy to date and lead in developing and implementing a strategic approach to advancing tidal, wave, river current, and offshore wind energy development.

Paul McEachern, who succeeds Elisa Obermann at the position as of September 10, has many years of management and consulting experience in the offshore energy and international trade sectors, the association writes, adding that McEachern had managed an industry association and has a strong government relations background.

McEachern’s latest related assignments have included working on an Export Delivery Strategy covering ten key sectors identified for priority as part of the Atlantic Growth Strategy, as well as work on designing a business development model to increase Atlantic Canadian exports into the EU.

Prior to returning to Canada in 2017, Paul McEachern was a Project Manager with EY Consulting team in London, UK, working with the UK Department of International Trade.

He has had assignments for Canada/Atlantic Canada including inward investment attraction client targeting on behalf of ACOA’s Atlantic Canada Energy Office and the Nova Scotia Department of Energy. Other inward investment work includes an assignment on behalf of Enterprise Saskatchewan in the mining engineering area.

Paul McEachern is a former Planning and Development Executive within the Nova Scotia Department of Energy, a former Director of Communications within the same department and Managing Director of OTANS, the precursor of the Maritimes Energy Association.

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